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Originally Posted by Dion_1969 View Post
I did a lot of research on BC racing and I found nothing but positive responses on BMW forums, Subaru forums, Mazda..... So I am pretty sure they will have the same with Camaro. There were always some haters who said they couldn't be as good as coil over brand X because they cost half the price. They never had any thing to back up their claims nor had they ever tried BC's.

I have had some clearance problems in terms of speed bumps and steep driveways but not with the suspension itself. I have taken the car over some brick roads that were so bad it was like doing whooptido's on a motocross course. Never had an issue although when I set the suspension to full soft I hit the bump stops if I went too fast.
That was kind of the same thing when I bought a set. People who had them loved them and the people that didnt just hated. One last thing what setting do you have them on now and how does it feel compared to OEM. I just want to make sure before I make a decision on what kind of suspension. I was thing of springs but if i can get coilovers for a little more then I would just get thoughs.
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