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Originally Posted by Penaw001 View Post
That was kind of the same thing when I bought a set. People who had them loved them and the people that didnt just hated. One last thing what setting do you have them on now and how does it feel compared to OEM. I just want to make sure before I make a decision on what kind of suspension. I was thing of springs but if i can get coilovers for a little more then I would just get thoughs.
I've been playing with them for the last week or so. I currently have them set 10 clicks from the softest setting and that is nice for everyday driving. I still get some improved handling and I can go down the brick streets in town at a decent speed. They are really past due for repair! I think I need to fine tune it now by playing with some different setting front to back. I love just popping the hood and trunk and readjusting whenever I want. I'll get pics of the trunk holes this week.
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