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Originally Posted by realsquash View Post
Brian Finch wins everything he enters though.


Brian Finch is doing a STELLAR JOB on the Pro Touring Circuit.

At Gingerman for the Motor State Challenge, he finished second on the Road Course to Mark Stielow who is a terrific builder and driver. On the same course under virtually identical conditions the Pedders Camaro which runs on all stock arms without a single chassis brace and weighs in track-side ready to go at 4,180 pounds was 2 seconds faster than Mark and 2.5 seconds faster than Brian. We run the track with the EXACT SAME SETUP I use to take my kids to school.

We do events like this so that the data we present is not offered up in a vacuum. You can see what race cars do at the same track. You can see what the Pro Touring cars do at the same track. Then you can see where Pedders fits in the mix.

Mark and Brian do this because they love it. Pedders does it because we love it, but also because this is our business. We will NOT compete against Brian or Mark or any of the other Pro Touring competitors. They deserve all the focus and recognition they get at every event. We will post the data for comparison to use as a ruler against our own performance because they make a VERY GOOD RULER. They are excellent drivers and build great cars.
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