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Nitrous Outlet Kit with lots of accessories (updated!)

Going a different route with my car, and this is no longer needed.

Included is:

Nitrous Outlet Plate Kit with 15# bottle ($550):
I will also include some extra fuel jets I have for the 150 and 200 shot, so you can fine tune your A/F ratio

NANO 4500 series system (15# bottle) ($425)

Nitrous Outlet Big Show Purge Kit: ($80)

Center console switch panel: ($45)

FJO Progressive Nitrous controller ($130)

This all retails for over $1700. I have not even used a whole bottle yet with this system. In fact, if you are local, you will get a partially filled nitrous and nano tank!

If you want to buy any of the individual parts, I have listed the price for each item

or you can buy all of it for 1000 shipped, and I am located in Ford City, Pa, which is 45 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, PA.
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