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Originally Posted by mondain View Post
Someone please tell me why a top-mounted supercharged engine would even need any ram air opening at all on the top of the hood??

Cooling? Wouldn't the sc have it's own cooling? So if it's just ancillary cooling, fine, but I'm not gonna get excited over that.
It's not going to be ram air; probably a heat extractor or such. Good luck forcing more air into the engine than the alleged SC, lol I could definately see getting air out from under the hood though. I hope it doesn't get all crazy, though, and start to look like some rice or something. If it's along the lines of it's competitor, I think it'd be perfect. If it had the scoop and bulge of the TF2 hood, plus the extractors of the JL hood, I think that'd look d@mn nice. Maybe a blend of the TF2 front facia and the JL facia, and GM would leave me no reason to change anything. Nothing in terms of rocker moldings and rear facia have really caught my eye. Personally, I like the GM GFX for those, but time will tell
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