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Now there, we see eye to eye

Originally Posted by DroptopZ View Post
Flash, I see your point I disagree slightly, but I do understand exactly what you mean.

I suppose I think they'll be unlikely to use the LS7 only because there wouldn't be a market for mass-production of an LS3/L99 Camaro, an LS7, AND and LSA... but I do think that using the LSA is practically like intruding on the exclusivity of the Corvette's powerplants in the sense that it is more powerful than the LS7 and much like a de-tuned LS9. I suppose the end result of our reasonings are the same though: we will likely not see an LS7 Camaro :(

I'm still holding out for some kind of a 'special edition' that they might throw together with larger motor and factory warranty. But then, a 427 5G Camaro is my wet dream :P

Agreed DroptopZ : an LS7 engined Z28 is unlikely, much to our chagrin and automotive sorrow.

I have two hearts on the LSA though and that's why I was not even mentioning it: I fully concur with you in that using an LSA for the Z28 is like you presented it "intruding in the exclusivity of Corvette powerplants"... yet also it seems a logical option for a Z28 model from the pure standpoint of availability.

I agree with your view that to employ the LSA is a further transgression in this regard because of its output levels placing it just above the LS7 but below the LS9 (of which it is a detuned version of sorts as you wrote). This makes its use for a Z28 even harder to occur.

On the other hand, I cannot believe that GM will spend all the costs of developing this engine (even if its a spin off the LS9 there must have been some costs involved in re-designing, testing, etc.) plus the factory tooling costs and then relegate it to be exclusively used in the CTS-V.

No matter how good are that car sales (the CTS-V), I do not think they reach the levels required to justify a stand alone engine.

So this is where I harbor a little hope that this engine might find its way into a CAMARO chasis.

I have to be honest here: I do not believe it would be inside a Z28 though.

Probably towards the end of the production cycle of the fifth generation CAMARO, there will be a kind of special edition offering called an IROC edition, an Anniversary SS, a YENKO Classic, or whatever else.

It might not be manufactured in the higher production figures of a Z28 and so it will not detract much from the CORVETTE market, therefore abiding by all corporate canon and directive.

If I'm lucky that will not occur for another five years at least, so by then I hope to be able to sell my 2SS taking about 50% loss in its original purchase price, and put forward the additional cash for such collectible car.

I also have my delusional expectations on a more powerful GM manufactured CAMARO.

My brain's right hemisphere wishes it were a Z28 though, but the left side is very skeptical.

Let's see. In the mean time it was very pleasant discussing this issue.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend,

The Flash
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