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Originally Posted by Sean@Phastek View Post
Should be a great round two, can't wait to see everyone there!

Any chance we can get some time on the road courses? I see a few cool layouts from the aerial shot. Maybe single lap time trials to be safe?
Nothing official. But we are trying to figure out a way to get access to one of the road courses. Trying... There is a lot more required for a road course then runs down the drag stip or Autocross...

But we're considering it... NO promises... Wait and see on that one....

Originally Posted by mikel441 View Post
List of Host Hotels?

Stand by for Host and alternate hotels... We will be able to get discounts.

Originally Posted by Jamie Mac View Post
damn. To many days to get there and back.
Cmon man! Fly out there!!!
Originally Posted by Eski7399 View Post
Should prob wait on hotel if somebody can get a group rate for you guys.

Originally Posted by Heliwrench View Post
Well... looks like it'll be around 3200 miles round trip... I'm in!

Get in the damn car and drive people!
^ This!

Originally Posted by So Cal Camaro View Post
I'm in, nice drive from So. Cal. Thanks to all the Mods hard work setting this up.

Originally Posted by Blackhawk6 View Post
Count me in East Coast Caravan Start........

Originally Posted by Mod4SS View Post
How about starting an official sign up list like we did last year?

1. Mod4SS

Originally Posted by Xanthos View Post
Drivers list.

1. Xanthos
- X

Originally Posted by Blackhawk6 View Post
Drivers list.

1. Xanthos
2. Da Hose
3. Kp movn
4. Blackhawk6
Originally Posted by garcmol View Post
It's coming. Hold on a bit.
Hold up on the lists... Our man with the Plan, Garcmol has got the lead on organizing the preregistration/drivers list.

Originally Posted by Jchaluja View Post
too far...see you in 2 years when it comes back to the eat coast.....
Dude! what if we can ship our cars??? cmon man...

Originally Posted by Da Hose View Post
Bwahahahahah.... I butt call peeps all the time.... This is the first time I've ever butt posted!!!!!
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