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Originally Posted by The Flash View Post
Agreed DroptopZ :

On the other hand, I cannot believe that GM will spend all the costs of developing this engine (even if its a spin off the LS9 there must have been some costs involved in re-designing, testing, etc.) plus the factory tooling costs and then relegate it to be exclusively used in the CTS-V.

No matter how good are that car sales (the CTS-V), I do not think they reach the levels required to justify a stand alone engine.
The Flash
The LSA has never been a standalone engine for the CTS-V only, Holden Motors (a GMC subsidiary/partner) has a Holden vehicle in Austrailia with the LSA and Vauxhall has an LSA variant in the UK (though it is built by Holden). So the LSA is already in at least three different GM lines/models.
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