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Originally Posted by khabboub View Post
oh and those fog lights look like they are a little high.
Not if they're trying to add brake cooling ducts.

Also the tires they're running around on appear to Pirelli R-comps.

Note the hood has hood pins too.

May be a hood option where as the existing hood would still come on the a 'base' Z?

I have been heir lurk around here for some time now, and if the Z is a drivers version of the SS with an LSA under the hood it has an honest chance to catch back up to it's less portly adversary pre Alpha Camaro.

I like where this is going. I just hope they make it so the hardcore want the Z's and the people who want the comfy, pretty darn well performing car stick to the SS. If that is case, the sky is the limit with the Z
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