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Originally Posted by camaro guy View Post
bump. need updates!
Thanks. Been out of town a lot lately.

Here is the new intake. The crazy IR cross ram intake has to get the CNC routines ironed out so instead of waiting any longer on that one, we had Hogan built this custom intake to NRE's specific specs for this engine/car. i.e. The plenum area, runner cross section dimensions, height (this clears the raised hood we bought by about a 1/4") and the hidden plumbing goodies are for this car.

Picture 1 - The intake on the bench with the billet nose pieces in place. This intake has a huge plenum volume and tons of runner length.
Picture 2 - The hidden octane-on-demand fuel distribution system.
Picture 3 - The business end of the hidden fuel rail and hidden injectors. Note that the lower set of injectors is completely horizontal. The injector will shoot right to the back of the valve.

Now we just need to get everything connected and wired. Then the hardline turbo plumbing will be done and onto the dyno it will go.
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