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Were there only 5 entries in FS? I'm listed as 5th, and looks like I missed a gate in every run. LOL Boy do I need to practice! And they spelled my name wrong LOL, Larry

'F Stock' - Total Entries: 5 Trophies: 2TimesTotal
1TFS96Thomas PowderlyBlack Shelby GT51.80352.021+151.11949.00350.47949.00349.935[-]2.894
2TFS17Daniel WolpertSilver Infiniti G37xS Sedan54.94553.41355.240+151.89753.16652.78951.897+ 2.894
3 FS114Neil SchellyBlack Chevy Camaro SS55.96055.189+DNF54.453+DNF53.39355.561+153.39352 .693+DNF+1.4964 FS
41Brian PaganaiBlack Camaro63.375+DNF60.955+DNF62.49657.28961.01060.889 57.289+3.896
5FS11LannyDufresneblackchevyCamaro79.104+DNF69.851 +DNF79.365+DNFDNF68.083+DNF67.374+DNF66.593+DNF+57 .289
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