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"Silver Street"
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Baseline: 325.85 rwhp 339.72 tq
Charged: 525.04 rwhp 490.03 tq (6 lbs, 11.8 f/a, 3.8 pulley)

Borla Touring with ARH long tube headers and cats is louder than I expected. I thought start-up, idle and low rpms would be quiet, but it's not! I just hope it doesn't bother neighbors at 6am in the mornings. I am glad I have a garage. There is some drone, but not at the speeds I normally drive. It will be quieter inside when I get the rubber mat back into the trunk.

The car handles well, tight. The Pfadt coilovers, sway bars and trailing arms did not add any harshness or discomfort to the ride. It is more responsive, though.
Silver Street - 2010 Camaro 2SS/RS, SIM, Gray, Cyber Gray Rally Stripes, Polished Wheels, Automatic (L99) - 553 RWHP/510 RWTQ

CAI Inc., ARH LT Headers with Cats, Borla Touring Cat-Back; Pfadt Coil Overs, Sway Bars, End Links, and Trailing Arms; Comp Cams Blower Cam, Dual Springs, Push-Rods, and Lifters; GM LS2 Lifter Trays, 6.2 MLS Head Gaskets, Crank Bolt, and LS2 Front Cover; 3-Bolt Conversion Timing Gear, Katech C5R Timing Chain, ARP LS2/LS3 Head Bolt Kit, Melling Hi Volume Oil Pump, TVS 2300 Supercharger (Black); Build by Vengeance Racing; Custom Tune by Vengeance Racing

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