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Originally Posted by bi11ymc View Post
I put my start up and idle video next to your start up and idle video and it could be the video camera's volume but mine seems much louder than yours. I am very self conscience when trying to get up to speed and around my neighborhood. At speed, it doesn't seem so bad.
I agree. Your car sounds louder than mine. I am not at all embarrassed by how loud mine is. Yet, it does growl, but it's not obnoxious at all. Are you sure they put in a Borla Touring exhaust in your car and not the S-type?

Do your headers have cats? (mine do)... Is the exhaust a full cat back? (mine is). I'm just trying to see where the differences are in our cars other than the cam that might make yours so much louder. Maybe Ask your shop why it is so loud. It really should not be obnoxiously loud with the Touring exhaust on it. I wonder if it could be some of the other parts you had them put in the motor?

On the other hand, the cam really gives your car a nice lope. I love that sound! Thanks for sharing the videos.
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