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Exclamation New Camaro Tail Lights and Side View Mirrors Revealed! (possibly export model)

Featured on HOMEPAGE.

Seen here are the first significant cosmetic revisions to the 5th gen Camaro since its debut last year - featuring new Camaro tail lights, rear bumper reflectors, and side view mirror designs. As previously spotted on Camaro convertible prototypes at Oshawa, the new tailight design takes on a new shape resembling sunglasses. The lights are now powered by LED bulbs. The rear bumper reflectors have also been revised and have been moved into a more attractive location at the top of the rear diffuser.

The side view mirrors grow in size and lose some sleekness (possibly to comply with new more stringent pedestrian safety standards). Turn signals have also now been integrated into the side view mirrors to enhance safety.

If these are in fact production intent facelift changes, we're not sure exactly when these new lights will begin appearing on Camaros, but the 2012 model year switchover may be a good bet, which doesn't occur until middle of 2011.

NOTE: the location of this sighting (in Germany) indicates that some or all of these changes may be intended for export only. Time will soon tell.

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