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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post

This is a PERFECT THREAD to illustrate one of the points I've been trying to's someone who wasn't even CONSIDERING a Camaro -- and lookie what happened!!!!
That's cool. But say he calms down from all this excitment and gets a level head and on Monday he goes to his dealer who was allocated 20 Camaros and he puts $1000 on the last one left unsold 2SS/RS....

When is the earliest he will see the car of his dreams, and what is the LONGEST he may be sitting on his hands waiting with no feedback from anyone where his car order has gone to?

I'm guessing the answer to my first question is "Sometime after 3/16" and "No later than the end of time."

P.S. The whole "allocation" scheme stinks to high heaven and it's one of the things you guys should be working to ELIMINATE. When I order a computer from Dell, I go to their website and fill out an order and press <ENTER> and my order is built and shipped to me WITHOUT having to sit around for all eternity because some incompetent boobs in my area hadn't sold meny computers in the last quarter/year/whatever.

Let me introduce you to a new concept for ordering cars. I call it "First come first served."

You guys should make this a PRIORITY. It will help you in ways no union-busting bailout loan could EVER hope to equal!!!!
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