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PDIM update

Ok, so I just got done with the dealer installing a new PDIM. After it was all said and done, i got back in the car and immediately plugged in my iphone, and mp3 players. Low and behold, SAME hardware and software versions, and problems NOT fixed. They ordered the same part number that the car originally had. So even though its a 'new' part, the newest software was not installed in it.

I had to sit down with the service guys again and go through the TIS2WEB information with them, show them what was needed, showed them what the updates were supposed to fix and the service guy that actually installed the part was saying that CC/CE and the original part number is the latest thats out.

I beg to differ, especially if another member here reports having DA/DX and no more issues.

The service tech also mentioned that each time he tried to update software on the PDIM, that it would lock the hardware out. To this I asked, "So what software version is he trying to update the PDIM with?" Got no real response on that, and I asked if they were trying to update software on old hardware, again no response and if they had actually tried ordering the other part number, and also no response.

The information we are getting here, and seeing on the TIS website is different then what they see apparently. They have no other knowledge of any of the part numbers and software versions that we discuss here. What they are going to do, is contact GM for assistance and try to find out what software is what, what parts are what, if there is any new updates, etc etc.. and then they'll call me back.

The service was good, and the employees were respectful, no arguements or anything.. so I hope they come through with something. I mentioned the OC meet and how were all meeting up with Scott Settlemire and Cheryl Pilcher etc, and the eyes lit up like "Oh God this dude knows people." Lol.. I might mention the PDIM issue at the meet though and see if maybe they know anything or can offer any other advise on how to get it fixed.
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