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Originally Posted by Rogue Leader View Post
The ONLY time I have ever heard of this happening with a GM car was many years ago a guy showed up at the dealer with a busted tranny in his WS6 trans am. The dealer looked underneath and found enough rubber in the wheelwells to peel it out and make new tires. They denied it and the guy posted the receipt from the dealer online and complained... he got no support.

No they will NEVER reprogram the computer to bypass any original controls or anything else. This is easily remedied by a skip shift eliminator sold by any number of forum vendors, it plugs in and is easily removable for warranty work.

Using launch control or any factory included features will not void your warranty. As well unless you give them a reason (You come in with rubber in your wheelwells, numbers on the side of the car, a rollbar installed with a logbook in the glovebox, etc) they would never know you were racing.

In the end look at this from their side. If you sold a product and someone modified it and it broke DUE TO that modification would YOU be willing to fix it free for them? I know I would tell them to go pound sand as I made the product to work one way and they decided to use it another. It doesn't mean if you change the intake your exhaust warranty is gone, but if you change the intake and the IAT sensor goes, the intake has a direct effect, sorry.
I need some help here with your infallible premise that filtered ambient air flowing through an aftermarket intake tube across an IAT sensor can be the cause for the sensor failure, sorry. Can you explain the direct effect ?
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