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Originally Posted by guzaldon View Post
the 2010's not getting it is a bonus in my book, you know that these smart phones are just as vulnerable to trojans and the like as a actual computer if not more b/c they don't run anti virus? how would you feel if your car was stolen b/c your phone was hacked? then your on star was disabled b/c they got physical access to the computer?

though i guess convience is mother to nessesity.

I would still be interested in the possible update for my 2010 so the option is there, but it'll be way to expensive to actually do it I'm betting since you'll probably have to rip the dash all the way out.

One thing not realized here is that the Camaro can not be moved with out the key actually IN the ignition. Yes it could be started but it will only run for 10 minutes two times. (This is in the manual.) So it is not possible to steal a car just using the OnStar App. So don't worry about that!
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