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Originally Posted by returnofthereal View Post
Just my 2 cents but being that I work in an OEM factory we have showed production models without having finished molds or hard tooling more than one time. I have a hard time believing tooling is done or started. Most tooling will take six to 12 weeks. If you believe the tooling is done you would have to believe that they sent finalized drawings to vendors 12 weeks ago. I doubt it.
While I still am not optimistic for an early arrival, I don't see how this is at all unlikely. I would not be surprised if GM had a team working on the production version Camaro when it was unveiled almost a year ago. I am sure GM anticipated the response that they received. I find it hard to believe that GM just started this project around the time that they announced they would build the Camaro.

I also would like to think that GM does not want to be the last man standing in the muscle car wars. The challenger will be out in '08 I believe and obviously the Mustang is going nowhere. IMO the earlier the better for GM.

Like I said, I am in no way expecting or even optimistic about an early arrival (Hopeful - yes), I just don't think it is at all impossible for them to be at this stage.

Also, I was browsing around for future car models today and you already see spy photos/videos of other 2009 model cars... My question: how long on average does it take to test a car before its release? If some of these makers are already testing their 09 models that suggests one of two things. The Camaro is nearing the production stages or the Camaro is not going to be tested nearly as rigorously as other models... which is it?
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