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Originally Posted by JJ2010 View Post
I thought the leather seemed cheap.I was not as impressed with the inside as the outside.The mph and rpm gauges seemed so much smaller then the pictures.I was alittle shocked at how cheap the inside looked.You can't see out of the car.There was many people complaining about all the blind spots.When we went up to the show yesterday we encountered two bad wrecks.The first one I pulled a man out of a Ford explorer that rolled over several times right in front of us.The next wreck a mini van pulled right out in front of a transfer truck and they had a sheet over the van.I feel sure people lost there life.I said all that to say, I hope nobody gets in a wreck in this car.I don't think most people could climb out of the window of this car right now must less it being mashed up alittle bit.I am only 5' 8" and 190 and was constantly moving my head down to see out the drivers side window.It seemed like a car that had the roof chopped.I still love the car and think it is great and have one ordered.I just wanted to share a few impressions of the car.
Odd - I'm 5'8" and I had to stretch up to see out of the windows. I think its a difference in the up/down adjustment of the seats.
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