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The service department will have the mileage written down once it arrives to the dealership, they will drive it approximitley 1-2 miles during he PDI process, this will be done by one of the mechanics. Any sold order from my place will NOT be driven by anyone else except the salesperson and or lot attendant filling it up after the customer has seen it and ok'd that happening!. Let you dealwer know you do NOT want anyone driving it above what is required and I am sure thay will make sure it stays safe until you can arrive.

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Try to answer this. Is there any documentation that leaves the factory with the car that would indicate odometer mileage when the car is loaded on the truck?

There is another thread on the topic but maybe you can answer it here.
Is there anything documenting the mileage that the dealer should have when they take delivery that we can see to compare? This would be one way of knowing just how much the car is driven after the dealer takes delivery and how much possibility someone has taken it for a joy ride and possibly abused the car. I'm sure most dealers would not do that but there are probably some that would

My dealer will probably have my car for a week or more before I can get home to get it.; I will be working in Colorado and will need to take time off to go to Oregon to get my car. I am hoping my dealer doesn't think he can use my car as a demo till I can get there. There should not be more than just a few miles on it when I get there.

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