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Originally Posted by ZombieEatsYou View Post
I guessed that'd be the case. What can you tell us about the plan to light these? Is the plan to light the outside border of the bowtie or from inside the center logos?
I'm just imagining what it would look like lit from the inside but I'm guessing your going to use LED fasteners.

We absolutely know it can be done. We just need to sit down and do some design work to make it happen. We can try multiple methods to see what works best. Lighting these will add costs to them. The cost would depend on which method is chosen, and the extra time we need put into one, to make it lit.
When we were making the lighted door sills, we were not sure about costs on those either, until we settled on which way we were going to do it.
Our initial thoughts are that you guys may not want to pay what it will cost to do it.

Thanks, Roger
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