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here is the 'list', NOTE all kits are un glued or un painted and most have parts on trees or better unless noted.

57 Chevy Bel Air hard top
57 Chevy Bel Air hard top Pro Shop (has photo etched metal bits for emblems, trim pieces, also has wire and tubing for plug wires/hoses, and bare metal foil for the 'chrome trim')
61 Chevy Impala SS 409 had top
mid 80s Caddy Coupe Deville Lowrider (was given in a trade )
95 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2 in 1 (stock or tuner with different style wheels and body bits)*
Dodge Magnum SRT8 wagon (2 different set of wheels stock/custom)
70 Ford Mustang 2 in 1 (can be built as a Boss 302 OR a Mach 1 with the appropriate parts/decals)
06 Ford Mustang GT hard top
68 Dodge Charger (Dick Landy drag car, can only be built as the Landy Charger) this kit is sealed never opened in 15 plus years
55 Chevy Bel Air hard top 2 in 1 (stock or custom)
69 Chevy Nova hard top 2 in 1 (stock or drag car)
93 Chevy Camaro Z28 Indy Pace Car
59 Ford Galaxy hard top convertible (with fully functional 100% accurate working hard top hardware in scale)
80s Ferrari 308 hard top (Magnum P.I. car vintage kit with box)
Ferrari Enzo coupe*
32 Ford hot rod ('Dan Fink' woody style sports wagon), this kit has the roof of the body shell colored with a black magic marker can either be removed or primed and painted over .
69 Dodge Charger R/T 440

Sci Fi:
Star Wars ROTJ Speeder Bike with Biker Scout
Star Wars ROTJ Slave 1 (loose but complete, no box)*
Lost In Space Movie Robot ("Danger Will Robinson, Danger!")
Star Trek TOS 1/1000 scale (12" long) USS Enterprise, can be built as 4 different versions (including the 'mirror universe') of the Enterprise
Star Trek movie 1/1000 scale (13" long) USS Enterprise A, has 3 sheets of decals to 'simulate' the multi color/multi panel paint job of the 'movie model'.
Back to the Future Delorean car 2-1 (can be built with the pole and hook or Mr Fusion, features metal plating to simulate stainless steel)*
Batman Forever Batmobile

there is the list if you have any questions or want pictures, let me know. I have not set the prices yet but I am pretty reasonable i am no 'scalper' when it comes to the older/rare kits, so make me an offer.

Kit sales pending marked with a (*) if they fall through I will remove them so let me know
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