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Originally Posted by boxmonkeyracing View Post
I remember watching a thing on the Discovery channel about one of BMW's new cars and they didn't make any molds for it until after they were 100% sure that is how it was going to be.(ie the 09 cars we see testing right now).
And actually the cars I saw the most of in terms of spy shots were the BMWs.

Originally Posted by boxmonkeyracing View Post
I was also refering to how something fits together. even in testing they find things wrong. So why would they make a mold until the testing is done?
Exactly, so my question was then... if there are other 09 cars in this stage right now, is it probable that they have a production version of the Camaro already laid out and ready for testing? If not, does anyone think that it will compromise the Camaro's quality in the first run year becasue they did not have enough time to test due to time constraints? --I probably was not too clear initially myself---
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