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hello, i decided to add some footwell lighting to my rear seats. now this write up is assuming you have already done you front footwell lighting ( i know, what happens when we assume?) lol,
ok, if you did your footwell lighting by the instructions found in this thread
then you probably have your footwell lighting coming on with your dome lights. if that the case you would just tap into the wire that you already have going to your front footwell lights. once you tap into it, you would run the wire along the side panel all the way to the back seat. i would pop out the back seat, its very easy, just get you hands under the front of the back seat and lift up and then reach into the rear of the seat, about centered where you sit and push down on the bracket and the seat pops right out. run your power wire with the existing harness to the front center of the back seat. see pics, now i took a self tapping screw with a little silicon and connected a ground wire. so now we have power and ground at the front center of the rear seat. i then took the red led that i purchase from autozone and used some 60 second 2 part epoxy and secured them to the front of the rear seats, see pics. I then connected the 2 red wires from the light to the power wire and the 2 black wire to the ground wire. There you go. ohh, it probably a good idea to disconnect you battery while doing this.
now i have my footwell lights connected to a switch and not the dome light wire, so all i did is tap into the wire out of the switch that goes to my front footwell lights. hope this helps, i love it

if you need some pics, please let me know, i'll do what i can.

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