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Originally Posted by XanthosV6 View Post
The C5 door handles aren't anything like I wanted - Oh well though...

After seeing the car in person, I'll probably just stick with the stock handles, although I'll probably get a filler piece for the keyhole since I'll just be using the button.
- Xanthos
Yeah, C5 handles are pretty much a regular handle. As far as the key hole goes, if you just want to get rid of that and make it look better then a filler piece then when it come available just order a passenger side handle and install it on the driver door. Most of the time the handles are the same and all you have to do is flip them. Ive done this with several trucks. I got a suburban handle from the rear doors, painted them and put them on the driver side. It gives the appearance of a shved handle from a distance but the functionality of the handle.
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