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The birth of Orange Krate...



The Birth of Orange Krate

Greetings to all members, readers, family and friends!
Special Greetings to the SoCal Camaro 5 Family!

THANKS to our special friends at the OSHAWA, CANADA Production Facility and the fantastic CAMARO DESIGN TEAM!

I have decided to use this space to unwind, tell you a bit about myself, my obsession (midlife crisis lol) and some of the more important things in my life.

I don't have a MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in account or do any social networking online because candidly, I just don't have time for it with my daily commute to Los Angeles. The time I spend on this will be enough... more than enough, to fill my social networking needs online. Of course I always answer emails as quickly as I get them and I will respond to posts here.

The rules for my blog are simple.
1. Treat others with respect, like the way you want to be treated.
2. Be honest.
3. Please share constructive criticism.
4. MOST IMPORTANTLY... Have a sense of humor and "lighten up Francis"! (quote from Stripes).

Thanks for stopping in as I build out my car and follow along in this blog.

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