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About me... Married over 30 years, grown kids (and grandson now), dogs, middle class, Southern California native. Work in health care... a paramedic since 1983.

Why am I here? It is about the cars and people. I find this to be a very fascinating website and I found the 5th generation Camaro to be a very intriguing social tool to bring good people together for fun events and I hope some charitable times too.

What is my motivation? Short story... In 1976 bought my brothers 1969 SS 396 Camaro from him after we did an engine swap in it and he discovered he didn't like how much horsepower it had in it! My gain, his safety!

In 1978 I decided to try and become a firefighter and went to a local fire station and applied as a reserve firefighter. Being 22 years of age the "sage" old fire Captains told me I needed to sell my Camaro so that my driving record would remain clean otherwise I wouldn't be able to get hired. At the time that sounded like the mature thing to do. WHAT WAS I THINKING???

I sold my Camaro for $1600 and bought a VEGA!!! Again...WHAT WAS I THINKING! The minute I sold the Camaro I was sick and swore that someday I would buy another one. I have owned a lot of cars since that time.

After 32 years the time came to buy that Camaro I always promised myself. Some folks around me are probably saying... "What is he thinking?" My answer... I believe the Gen 5 Camaro is one of the finest new cars GM has built since 1969!

Here is a photo of me and my Hugger Orange 1969 Camaro in 1978 giving her a bath. Oh to be young, skinny and dark haired again!

And...33 years later...the new Orange Krate and Me!

By the way, those photos were taken at the exact same location in Thousand Oaks, CA. (My parents house)
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