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Originally Posted by 91Z28350 View Post
A car that could very likely be sub 4 second 0-60 and high 11's 1/4 mile isn't super car quick? Even if it is 12 and 4 respectively, it is matching the tested specs of a Gallardo. Pretty super to me.
As much as CAMARO is my undisputed favorite car, it is NOT a supercar. As much as I love Corvette, it is barely a supercar (the ZR1). A supercar, to me, is a Ferrari, Lambo', Gumpert, etc. I'm talking top-notch technology from top-to-bottom, from inside out. I'm talking leather dashboard coverings, allacantra inserts, carbon fiber bodys (not fenders, roofs, hoods, etc.). ZR1 is a supercar by it's performance, IMVHO.

Personally - I don't need a supercar. What I believe Z28 is going to achieve is plenty; and what I'll be adding will make it exactly what I want, without even getting close to Aston Martin prices. Even if I had the money - I'd have my Z28 and ZR1 before any Koenigsegg or the like. They're too much flash and dazzle. I want a car that's going to kick another car in it's b@lls - not one that's going to distract it with some glitter and whatever.

That's just me.

Originally Posted by SS-screamer View Post
What nobody is talking about is that this video is actually a compilation of several videos. In one part of it the road is damp and it is overcast and slightly foggy. In other parts of the video it is partly sunny and not foggy. One part the passenger is wearing a helmet, another part no helmet. Prior to pulling into the bay after the run we see the car from behind from being tailed (different video) by the photog. In this video we have a view from the front when it pulls into the bay with no tailing car.

Nothing ground breaking here other than to say they are working this car alot on the track to get it just right to give us the best performance possible. I can't wait.
Been there - said that.
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