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Still only 30% chance of light showers! Keep your fingers crossed.

So I havent been to the Santana Row gig, so I could use a little help on where to go.

My house is only 5 mins away from there. Figure I will lead us here, and whoever is up first for garage time can pull right in. And 2nd car in can pull up right behind.

We'll just play musical cars when we need to switch.

I'll just stay on the street, No goodies for me to install. =( These babys are expensive, even when they're not even born yet! haha

My house is at twenty24 Randolph Drive, SJ incase you wanna check the google shots. Close to 280, 17, 87.
We'll come down San Carlos from Santana Row to Leigh, to Fruitdale. I dont like coming in the other way via Bascom. Some shady folks out on that corner!

I think thats it for now!

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