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Originally Posted by khabboub View Post
i think that the V6 camaro need a power bump, or a weight decrease.
Or an extra cylinder or two... LOL sorry, I had to. And no I dont think the V6 is a bad car. It is just a joke... and I know some of the V6 people on here cant take a joke so I have to explain myself.

Originally Posted by LimaCharlie View Post
Interesting. I had a feeling there would be a power bump in addition to the new interior for 2012. I'm guessing the power increase will be from a revised intake/exhaust system and new computer tuning. I think the LS3/L99 will remain the same internally.

I'd expect a bump in MSRP for 2012 too.....
My thoughts exactly, on paper the mustang is only a little faster so I doubt GM will go way out of the way to beat it. I have ran a few 2011 5.0s and have beat them and all I have are long tube headers w/ high flow cats, LMR CAI, and muffler delete so it wont take much for GM to be able to say its faster.
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