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My Intake / Exhaust setup: injen bbk borla magnaflow

Finally found some time to take pics and audio clips. Here is what I have:

- Injen short ram intake
- BBK ceramic coated longtube headers
- BBK highflow cats (came with the LT headers)
- Borla ProXS mufflers (2.25" in/out)
- Custom piping (2.25")
- Magnaflow double walled 4" tips


I am very happy with the result. The sound is way over my expectations. Drove the last 3 weeks permanently with stereo off to hear the setup in every possible situation.
I would say the tone is deeper than most of the other aftermarket setups I heard. Met a friend with a SS last wknd and I have to say that IMO this setup sounds better at idle than the stock SS exhaust.

I know it is hard to compare different setups without hearing them in person. I listened to almost every single clip available online and I think the best comparison is with a BBK+Magnaflow axle back setup. The Borla ProXS muffler sound similar to the Magnaflow mufflers but not as loud.
So I would say the Borla ProXS mufflers sound like Magnaflow mufflers with a resonated X pipe.

For me the most important thing was to get the deepest possible tone with no rasp, no drone and no tinny sound! Glad I found what I was looking for. Thanks to the whole camaro5 community!
I'd like to especially thank KMPrenger and digitalshow for all the infos.

I love the look of the ceramic coated BBK LTs. As for the tips the magnaflow double walled tips seem to play in a complete other league than all the other tips I bought before. They don't get as hot as others (which is very important because big 4" outlet diameter v.s. plastic diffusor). And they are easy to clean. IMO if you want the perfect look - a 4" outlet diameter is the way to go!

Made a before and after Dyno. I am happy with the results. Will post dynosheets and more infos later.

Clips and Pics:

Here are some audio clips. As alsways you'll need good (over ear) headphones to hear everything. The clips were recorded with a iPhone 3G. The sound quality was way better than with my HD cam but I stil couln't catch all of the deep tones. So in person the systems sounds even deeper with more and different bass tones.

1. Coldstart (Outdoor):

2. Coldstart (Indoor):

3. Hotstart:

4. Some revs (1'500 - 3'700 rpms):

5. Normal take off:

6. Normal drive by:

7. Very good clip from member Digitalshow (without headers):

Here are some pics:
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