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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
I still don't see why they won't just offer us gearing options and leave the engines alone. A lower "track" geared option would easily be the equivilant of another 40 - 60 lbs/Tq and get those fast 0 - 60 and quarter mile times.

But who knows, if all they are going to do is offer a revised tune then I guess that is probably a cheaper way to go.
Because shorter gearing does not give your car any more power. It just kills your fuel economy.

A car that has 430HP will have 430HP whether you have 3.42's or 5.13's. Meaning it will not accelerate any harder with the shorter gears.

All shorter gears do is help you get off the line harder and into the powerband. Thats how it improves ET's. Once the car is in the powerband though, it will not be any faster. That would be physically impossible.

So unless you launch your car on slicks at every stoplight, shorter gears would be nothing but a downgrade.
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