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Does your dealer support your emotional needs??? LOL

OK so there isn't much one can do while they wait for the pregnancy to run its course and the new baby arrives on scene. In the case of our sales person "Dave", all I can say is what a supporter he is. He knows how long the wait seems for a new buyer and he has left me text messages of encouragement and phone messages saying "it won't be long", "you will soon have it", etc. This is very much appreciated by the wife and I.

I hope that anyone that might read this blog and is either contemplating the purchase or order of a new car can get the kind of salesperson that has an attitude and approach like Dave. There was never any pressure and he wants to make sure we are 100% satisfied with our investment and bundle of joy.

As Dave said today in one of his text messages... "Building the car is like putting all the pieces in the crockpot and having it turn into a beautiful soup. But in order to get to that have to have patience and wait for it to go through the process and simmer and cook to perfection."

It is surely worth the wait and I can smell that new car smell, er uh, soup now!
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