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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
Yes I know what shorter gearing does. Of course it does not add any engine power. Just better transfer of torque. But I don't see any other reason for a power upgrade other than getting better 0 - 60 times and better quarter mile times right?

So the correct gear ratio will also accomplish that.

If your saying lower gears are not better for performance, why is everyone wanting 3.73s and 4.10s? I know that going lower and lower for gearing doesn't necessarily mean faster, but if thought out correctly, it would help times. For instance, 3.55s on the V6 would equate to 3rd gear toping out right at or above 100 MPH. That means no need for a shift into 4th, and lower gearing = better 1/4 mile times on a stock car.

And I still stick with the idea that GM can still advertise the same MPG ratings. (with its standard gear ratio)
Changing the gearing essentially only changes on either having quicker acceleration or higher top end. But I would say that the Mustangs do have better gearing for overall street performance.
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