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Originally Posted by TooCool5 View Post
Why mess with it? Because at the Dealer the lowest man on the totem pole does oil changes.
He may:
Put the wrong oil in.
Cross tread the plug.
Put only 5 qts in.
Use the wrong oil.
Take your car out for a spin, etc etc.
Lots of reasons to do it yourself the right way.
i hear ya!,,but ya can't be paranoid!..what you say is true at a wally mart.however even though it CAN happen at a chevy dealer,it wont happen at
the chevy dealer i use!..they have only top shelf mechanics! lube boys!,and i watch 'em very closely!...for $15.99
the "deal" is basically a "loss" leader,and a marketing ploy to get the car up on a lift,and find OTHER things wrong with it,OR that require further attention!

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