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Some say - his genitals are on upside down...

Great driving. I would've liked to have seen more with Stiggy in it, but it was good. I enjoyed the interviews with the boys. I honestly believe it's a shame more people here don't and haven't appreciated the show for what it is. I don't find much hypocracy - if the car puts a smile on their face, they like it; it doesn't always matter if it's all that good or not. Take the latest Quatroporte review - the Panamaro smoked it and was better in about every way, but they'd all take the Quatro' because they liked it more. It's no different than us liking CAMAROs more than Mustangs or Challengers. The show is about fun - it just happens they use most anything with an internal combustion engine to bind the show together. I feel bad they ripped CAMARO a new rear end in their TG review, but when it's taken in the context of the show, I wasn't suprised.

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