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Lets see, on a two lane "freeway" we have rig's getting slowed down by illegal aliens who are driving without a license and or insurance that dart into the passing lane at 35 in a 70 with no signal or breaklights.

Then you add in the older folks that live in the retirement communities in my area......

Sprinkle in the kids with the civic's with 8" mufflers sticking straight up on the back of the 9 different color cars..........

We can't forget the drunk rednecks..............

Oh, plus all the people gawking the car pulled over on the side of the road for no reason, god help us if there is an accident.....................

Then GM had to give my car over 400hp, I had to add more to that and cant get up to the speed limit over 75% of the time.

Don't even get me started on the two asian kids that pull up blocking the passing lane trying to rev their '89 Camry and trying to jump on it on the freeway yesterday in the rain..........

There needs to be a law that limits the ability to reproduce if your IQ is below a certain level, something above mayonaise would be great.............
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