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Along I-70 in Kansas we have the "You ain't gonna pass me!" mentality. The law recently changed to where everyone must keep right except to pass, or when passing a LEO, wreck, or emergency vehicle. However, people continually hang out in the left lane. Most of the time they're the transients from other states that don't know or don't care about the law. Then we have the local yocals who will pass slower traffic and then hang out in the left lane for a while, only to dart forward and get in the right lane while simultaneously trying to stare you down through their mirrors. Then as you get along side them to pass, they speed up, still with a vicious stare that says "Just try me!"

In heavy rain, traffic screeches to a halt as if drivers haven't figured out that their windshield wipers will remove rain from their windshields if they'd just learn how to turn them on. I learned that the hard way as I made my way back from Kansas City Int'l Airport last Friday night. I had no trouble seeing or sticking to the road, so I was going the speed limit (70) and came upon a guy in the left lane doing 40 who slammed on his brakes as I got closer. I guess that either he was driving on racing slicks or just didn't shell out the bucks for some new tires because he almost slid off the road. I just slowed down and waited for him to get over and then passed him.

In the winter, several interesting things happen: First, the OTR Truck Drivers make it their mission in life to do 55 or 60 when there's a foot of snow on the ground (because the plows haven't been out yet). They'll pass on the left whiting out EVERYTHING. Then there are the INDY 500 drivers who think that they're in the Mach 5 with the all-terrain treads who end up in the median or the ditch. Then there are the overly cautious who drive 10 mph because they didn't get the memo that a snow storm was blowing through and are scared to death that they'll never make it. We also can't forget the 4X4 drivers who can "GO ANYWHERE!" and end up in the ditch as well.

However, I will say that Kansas is the only state that I've driven in where traffic will move over to allow people to merge. I kinda dig that.
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