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Originally Posted by Banshee View Post
All I am going to say is that Ohio drivers in Michigan constantly use the left lane, travel with flow of traffic and even 5 miles below the posted speed limit of 70 mph even if center lane is clear or there is room to move over. When I drive the Ohio turnpike, absolutely minimal issues with passing on left and immediately retaking center lane. Just because Ohio limit is 65, kick it up a notch or get out of the way.

Do Ohio drivers instructors teach this?

And this comment is compiled from driving in this state for 24 years.

And another thing...If you're in the left lane doing 5 under speed limit while on your phone, texting, talking or blabbering with 4 other people in your car, eating and screaming at your kids, get the hell over.

Driving is driving....don't jeopardize others and their cars because your'e too preoccupied to handle 2 tons of metal effectively.
I am not originally from Ohio, but I bet they do that so you can get a good look at their OSU Buckeye bumper sticker and such. The whole time, knowing we are aggravating the good people from Michigan...
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