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With time to ponder while we await our beloved Orange Krate's birth, I reflect back upon days gone by when people use to worry about the day of the week and time of year a car was built. In the "old days" you didn't want one built on a Monday because assemblers came to work tired and hungover from the weekend. You didn't want a Friday car because assemblers were too excited to get home for the weekend to get hungover again so they would rush and make errors. You didn't want one painted on a cold day because the paint wouldn't cure correctly or if it was too humid the paint wouldn't cure correctly, or if someone had a got it...the paint wouldnt cure correctly. Much of this was speculation and hype. The cars WERE good (look how long they lasted) but humans just made errors.

After watching the 6 part series on Youtube of the Camaro plant in Oshawa for the umpteenth time, and knowing there are 1000 robots doing the work within spec, that don't get tired, and the people who work there literally put their hard sweat and love into the job, that worry level is much much less for us as consumers.

The biggest concern we have as a consumer is bad weather and cars getting held up because of transportation issues (rail and truck), "X" amount of snow, rain or power failures on the grid.

I have confidence in the men and women of Oshawa who are about to build our new baby and know that the quality control will be there when it is needed.

We look forward to the day when we can go to Oshawa and meet and thank the folks personally, as many of the Camaro5 gang have already done. What a great way to show them how much we appreciate them for taking good care in building our babies.

CHEERS to OSHAWA and the FOLKS AT CHEVROLET who make these modern muscle cars so friggin' awesome!!!

P.S. - I went back to my dealer tonight and I just sat and took in that new car smell and looked under the hood, in the trunk, under the car, turned on the lights, put my wife in the front seat and demo'd more of the 2SS options to her. Next thing you know I will be selling Camaros! But hey...that is OK too!

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