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Originally Posted by IBM/2SS/RS/LS3 View Post
Not worth the risk. Those brackets are engineered for 2 and I hope you don't get into a collision with a kid seated there.
hi, down here in south san antonio us mexicans are usually short n heavy, i have had 2 adults back there. one 5-8 one 5-9, both pushing 240 lbs, i hope that when i have 3 small kids back there and each kid at 100 lbs or less, that it should be a problem on the belt brackets, if it could hold 500 lbs, it should not have a problem with 300 lbs. then again i stuff 3 others in the truck also

Originally Posted by jagan323 View Post
that is a very uncomfortable seat...
well, thats why i dont sit back there

well i live in an area that is not up on the list of respectable neighborhoods, my daugher invites the little girls from across the street to go, becuase her brothers n uncles are always outside getting high n drunk:(, i dont think she minds sitting on the middle hump for a little bit (20 min) to get away and go see a bunch of other camaro getting together.
it not for a long trips, but for short quick trip once or twice a month.

thanks for all the input

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