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Originally Posted by Russo View Post
how did you apply it? water and squeegee it out? i can do deals, but something that comes in a square sheet that needs to be custom cut will drive me nuts..
For all applications, big and small, they are done dry. The adhesive has air release channels to facilitate a smooth install.

Originally Posted by Allen English View Post
Looks like a viable product to try. I have been thinking about purchasing some real carbon fiber to skin my ground effects with. PM me the cost and how I could get a small sample please.
We have a variety of sizes of sheets & rolls of the carbon fiber material on the site here, and will likely be adding more in the coming weeks.

The free carbon fiber wrap sample is on the site here

Originally Posted by liquidsmoke View Post
those bowties look great. Mine are already blacked out, but i think I'm gonna switch them to this.

I also have some other ideas for this, are you guys able to pre cut them?
Thanks, we have a DIY for the application of the bowties on Camaro5 here in case anybody missed it. They are a pretty simple DIY. We don't have any current plans for precutting them as it really in easier for this particular application to use a larger sheet.

The sheet you need to do wrap both Camaro bow ties in carbon fiber wrap is on the site here

Originally Posted by TaylorRyan74 View Post
I tried doing my roof with 3M DI NOC a couple months ago but it was too hard. It did not damage the paint when I removed it. I think the 3M is probably just as good, but this stuff seems like it is a little cheaper. I paid $150 for a roll that was barely big enough for the roof.
With Di-Noc the longer you leave it on the more difficult it is to remove.

Snippet from 3M's technical bulletin on the removal of Di-Noc

Unlike 3M's, this material we have was made for automotive wrapping first and foremost! So removal is going to be a heck of a lot easier than with 3M's stuff.

Originally Posted by TaylorRyan74 View Post
You are supposed to dry install it. It was hard dealing with a piece that huge, I used a blow dryer to keep it warm but I should have used a heat gun.

Here is a vid I used to help me with mine, but it was still too hard to do.
Interesting video. Lots of hands on that one... For the roof you can remove just half the backing paper - apply that half, then do the other side, then finish the edges. An extra set of hand can be helpful. Oh, and we do recommend a heat gun over a hair dryer.
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