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Planned Upgrades?

Advanced delivery plans for our new Orange Krate....there really isn't much we plan on doing to make the car better. Hard to improve on perfection. The smog laws in California make it nearly impossible to do anything other than adding a blower or turbo for performance increase. I personally don't want to do a thing that can be conceived as a modification that voids the warranty. I just want to drive the car with the wife and have some fun visiting places, friends and taking photos along the way.

Potential mods could be light tinting of rear windows, CARB approved CAI, CHIP, exhaust upgrade, and some additional lighting (footwells and afterburners). I prefer to just really keep her stock for now.

We will have stripes added as well as ground FX match painted to car. I would also like to take an orange colored billiard ball and machine it to fit the Hurst shifter. Of course there is always the obligatory "" window sticker!

Simi Valley, CA
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