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As im not one who usually supports someone who speaks out like this im glad Moss had the balls to step up and basically say Fine me im not giving yall fire to use against me inreguards to speak to the media.

I watch NFL Football however its not the same as it was in the past.......MEdia and all the week to week NFL rule changes are ruining the sport.

How can we as fans call him stupid for this situaton ?? We are the ones who pays to go watch him/ these guys which gives him/them the money to throw out each game for not speaking to the refs.
25K Chump change if thats all it was to not speak to the Refs I would wire the money over to the NFL at halftime.

So lets see


Hey Jerry you kicked yourself years ago on not taking a gamble with him
I hear you got some money in your upper shirt pocket this guy will keep us in the headlines

Go to cincinatti and Bring Shipley back to the lone star state.
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