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Door Sill Light Mod

major update 7-13-12

roger at emblempros and I , threw around a few ideas. i already had my sills doors lighted as you can see below, but the "Chevrolet" wasnt doing so well anymore, i liked emblempros lighted door sill but i wanted to use mine as i will be rewiring the whole car with RGB leds, so i wanted my door sills to change colors. i will be doing that next week. but anyway, got the doors sills in today and WOW, awesome, got them installed real quick, here is a quick peek
since the leds are down about 1 inch the lighted letters have a real depth to them when you see them in person.
you have to go to the end of the 1st post


updated 11-5-10
more pics added to post #17

ok, messing around again. got all these bright ideas swirling in my weird head, i know one day their gonna bite me in the butt, but here you go.
1. purchased led lights from autozone, used a 12 inch and about 4 inches off another one, i cut them to fill the full channel i made.
2. purchased plexiglass from home depot.
3. cut out the letters from door sill with a razor and straight edge.
4. purchased roof edging from home depot.
5. going to wire into my footwell light, to come on at the same time

below is the flashing i purchase from home depot
Name:  100_3518.jpg
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below is flashing cut to size, i put both pieces together, i held them together with 3m electrical tape. i set them to mark out the area to cut.
Name:  100_3523.jpg
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below is the outline area to cut.
Name:  100_3524.jpg
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below is the door sill with the letters already cut, i originally thought it was thin metal, but its thin plastic material, very flimsy. what you do not see is the plexiglass i already cut it to the shape of the door sill. this give it some strength(just enough), i have it sitting on the channel with the lights installed in the channel, this is the test.
Name:  100_3526.jpg
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this is the channel with the LED's.
Name:  100_3601.jpg
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man, this looks better than i thought
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now that i like the look, time to cut
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Name:  100_3544.jpg
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now that the hole is cut, i fit the channel and do some final filing.
Name:  100_3548.jpg
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intall channel and test lights. i also had to drill a hole to pull the wire thought and run wires along the door jamb, i dont have a pic of that right now , i will try to post one later tonight.
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