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Originally Posted by HeavyRightFooT View Post
Hi Folks ...
I'm looking to get a preview of what Cyber gray is going to look like since quite a bit of time and after the stripes it looks like part of it was right in front of us since Sema.... Is this white and Cyber Gray Metallic ? (check how gray and metallic this color is... plus when checking the GMPP site concerning sema these wheels are called out as cyber gray center paint no? looks like we got a match)
Just food for thoughts...

If this is Cyber Gray Met then I cant wait to see an all over car cause it's gonna be real nice
that's correct... almost. the Dale Jr car is Cyber Gray over some creamy color (i have no clue what it's called) if you look at some of the other pictures, you can see it ain't really white.
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