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I am old so my opinion doesn't count. You have to go to the younger generation and ask them what cars they like and why. What appeals. So I go to my daughters and their friends and poll them... Mustang? Camaro? Charger? They like them all but for different reasons. The one thing I have consistently heard about the Stang "I don't like the way they changed the tail lights!" Never a comparison about of power! Ask them about the Camaro... "that is a cool car it just looks fast." Charger... "It looks like the old ones". Certainly not scientific but these were common comments from about a dozen different late teens/early twenties kids that I asked.

Candidly I don't think the sales has a darn thing to do with the preference at this point. I think we are in a double dip recession that the Feds didnt want to admit to right up to the election. Now the Feds have stated they are going to pump $600 billion into the economy by way of the banks in order to free up money for loans!

Let GM throw some attractive deals out on the 2011 Camaros now... just before Christmas time, and combine that with more cash flow at the banks, throw in the GM IPO stock sales and you will see a tick up in Camaro and all GM sales. No brainer there. SUPPLY AND DEMAND!!!

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