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Photo shop request, black and synergy green

First off i think it's so amazing that people take there time to do this, and frankly i really do appriciate it.

Anywayyy, I'm getting a new 2ss that i've been saving for, in about anohter 30-60 days, and i'm torn between a few color options.

I'd really like too see, 2 diffrent photoshops if you can do that, ( idk how hard it is too do, and sorry i didnt post a picture, if you need one let me know )

I want a black camaro, with synergy green, hood spears, trunk rally stripes, green chevy bowtie, green brake capsules ( unsure if you can do that ) and lastley green gills ( the 3 indentures by the back tire )

If it's not that hard, and you feel like it, i'm really stuck between doing that, and doing it in a red

so if you could, could you also do the same thing where the green is, do it in red also? a brighter red but not orange.

Thank you so much, even if you cant do both

lookin foward to seeing this on screen, and not just in my mind.. lol

PS... IDK how much trouble it is, but can you also powder coat black rims on there? ( the stock ones ) if that aint a problem, great, if it is, then d/w about it

Thanks again
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