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Here is what I know. The Pedders Camaro is faster than a CTS-V RACE CAR. A production CTS-V hold the 'Ring record as the World's Fastest Production Sedan.

A Camaro running under any name with a LSA would be better balanced than my Camaro with a ProCharger in front of the wheels. An upgrade to the differential similar to the Boss 302 Torsen would allow the driver to put down power more efficiently. We know how well the CTS-V brakes tested on our Camaro and a set of Brembo two piece front rotors would make them event better. The Camaro is considerably lighter than the CTS-V. All of these add up to a Camaro that would run a blisteringly fast ring.

Now if we tweaked the LSA like many of the CTS-V owners with a pulley and a tune along with a square wheel and tire package and Pedders Suspension... The Camaro would have to slow down to get a better look at the scenery let alone anything behind it.
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